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A brief synopsis of the author:

“Phorkus Maximus” is a hacker moniker given to me a number of years ago by a very old and dear friend (Xylorg).  The back story would require a drink or two to pry out of me, so catch up with me at DEF CON, Black Hat, Derbycon, or B Sides and we’ll tell tales.

I am a family guy first and foremost, but professionally I am Information Security person (and no, the blog is not the primary focus of my attention, so I’m sure it could be compromised by someone with time and inclination), do hardware hacking, make things, make software, and enjoy learning about all manner of topics ranging from medicine and biology to mufti-dimensional physics and math.

Hopefully this vehicle will allow the publication of some research without the absurd limits placed by some commercial “free” sites.

I’m not trying to be “Internet Famous”, just trying to contribute in whatever small way I can.

Feel free to e-mail me at: iam <at> phork <dot> us.



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