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Hardware hacking festival of fun!

Using MATLAB with a Adafruit MPL3115A2 breakout board.

So this isn’t the most elegant, nor the cleanest code for working working with the Adafruit¬†MPL3115A2 Breakout board, but it does work to read altitude and temperature. Feel free to librarify, alter, or otherwise repost the code here. ¬†It’s for

GE ICS-1650 Updates

Setting the record straight   Hello, dear readers, as it turns out as few facts in the last blog were a little off. Namely because I was a few tools and homebrew elements that weren’t lining up with what Xilinx

Some thoughts on the GE FAUNC ICS-1650 and the closed source policy of GE

Hello dear readers, hopefully you have had a properly festive of some sort by now in the year, and are ready to spend some (mildly) intoxicated time reading about technical issues! The Problem The topic of todays probe is the